Along the Heel. Exploring Puglia

28 December 2016 / 2min read / No Comments / 166 Views / 5 photos

When you think about the most interesting sights in Italy, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is the ‘eternal city’ of Rome or one of the other notable places, such as Venice, Florence, Milan and Naples. You might also add Tuscany to the list, since it seems to be the most iconic

Dalmatian Treasure. Why to Moor Your Boat in Split?

23 December 2016 / 2 — 3min read / No Comments / 156 Views / 5 photos

While sailing along the Dalmatian coast, consider stopping in Split – the second largest city in Croatia and an important port in the region. There are several marinas – each of them within a walking distance of the amazing old city which used to be… a Roman palace. Split took its origin from the settlement

Hidden Gem of Byzantine Power. Short Break in Ravenna

17 October 2016 / 2 — 3min read / No Comments / 101 Views

While spending your holidays on the eastern coast of Italy, either exploring splendid canals and palaces in Venice or sipping a drink in the sun on a sandy beach in Rimini, it’s easy to forget about a real gem that is hidden halfway these two places – the city of Ravenna. Once a capital of

Croatia at Table

5 August 2016 / 2 — 3min read / No Comments / 181 Views

Cuisine of Istria, Dalmatia and Kvarner Gulf   While sailing along the Croatian coast, you should plan as many stops as possible. Not just to visit old charming towns, but to taste Croatian cuisine. However, this term doesn’t refer to one, homogenous “national cuisine”, but to extremely diverse regional cuisine. What’s more, the menu of

Unusual Crew – Unusual Needs

5 August 2016 / 2min read / No Comments / 138 Views

How to Find a Children- and Pets-Friendly Marinas? A yacht is safer for children and pets than you might think. After all, there are no sharp edges and slippery surface, all drawers and cabinets are secured so that your things don’t fall out, and, wherever possible, there are handles and rails attached. You just have



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Making Yachting Easier: One App to Find, Book and Manage Accommodation in Top Marinas There are many aspects that you need to consider while choosing a marina on your route: location and availability, type and dimensions of the boat you sail, pricing that fits your budget – just to name a few. Googling various marinas,

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